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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shower and Tank's Birthday

Last week was Tank's first birthday. :) My little puppy is a whole year old! It's hard to imagine that little puppy we rescued from the shelter who could fit in my lap.
This past weekend was Crockett and I's wedding shower hosted by our wonderful best man, Sam Highnote. We had so much fun! The theme was western and we had some yummy Midway Bar-b-que. The cake was beautiful and we had a blast playing the newlywed game. We are so blessed to have such great friends who came and celebrated with us. We love you all! Here's a few pictures from the week:
Tank's 1st Birthday
Our his and hers gifts

Us at our shower

Our beautiful cake

Monday, June 14, 2010

Baby Sprinkle

Sunday was my cousin Amanda's baby sprinkle for baby #2, Brooke Leann Ulrich. We had so much fun and ate way too much (as usual). I made the diaper cake and my cousin Sabrina made the cake. The raspberry sherbert punch was my favorite though! There was also some brookies (brownies and cookies mixed together) and fruit salad. Here are a few pics from the day.

Diaper Cake

Carley showing everyone sister's diapers. "Aww, So coot!"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reasons I love Ellen

1. She's Dory!
2. She is an amazing dancer.
3. She is hilarious.
4. She listens to her fans.
5. She has awesome guests on her show.
6. She is herself, always.
7. She is soooo nice. :)

perfection seeking mess

I couldn't sleep tonight so I began reading my book of love letters from God. I came across one that I just had to share.

"Wherever you've gone My grace has followed you. Whatever you've done My blood has covered you. Come to me today and I will do more than repair the damage done... I will restore what was lost. Come to me and let's fall in love all over again.
Love, Your King who knows no limits"

Wow. I am so in love with my God. His love is relentless. He sees my sin, knows my flawed heart, and yet deeply desires a relationship with me. I could never be worthy, yet there's a special place in his holy and perfect heart reserved for me who makes endless mistakes. If everyone entered relationship with this unbelievably perfect God no one would ever feel unloved.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Red Box

I have never seen anyone filling red box machines and I have rented movies at all hours on all days. This observation has lead me to a theory:
I think there are tubes that run from every red box machine to a central command center underground. You know, like the bank tubes... I think it's all computerized and they just send the new movies up and the old movies down. It makes sense...

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Today I took the Love Languages Test ( assuming I would know the outcome. Of course I'd get 12 points in Physical Touch and nothing in any other category. All my life I have felt most loved when I am touched. Holding hands has been the most romantic thing to me. Even my girlfriends and I would walk arm in arm or hug often. My sister and I shared this love language and enjoyed sharing a bed or sleeping together on the couch growing up. When I'm on the brink of tears the quickest way to make them fall is not to tell me you love me or speak with me privately it has always been to hug me. But lately things have been changing. I have felt myself becoming such a different person. I used to be very emotional when it came to books and movies. I cried in just about every chick flick. Now I can't even remember the last time I cried over something fictional. Even in my relationships I'm finding myself to be much more "thick skinned". I'm often annoyed at overly sensitive people and even though I have my heart strings tugged, my tear ducts seem to have been disconnected. However, one thing remains the same. When my sister hurts my feelings I feel like I could just explode, and that's because she is the one person in this world I care about the most. I guess this can be a good thing. I used to be so overly emotional and prayed I would toughen up. I guess it just surprised me when I noticed it. I'm also not nearly as romantic as I used to be. I'd rather just watch a movie with Crockett than go out. Also I find I enjoy our conversation more than I do him holding me. It's not to say I don't enjoy being held, it's just not what holds me together anymore. I feel like I'm sort of becoming my own person. It's so new. I don't need someone else to touch me or hold me because I'm indepedent and I got this. I was so needy before and now I'm coming into my own. Ironicaly I thought I did that years ago. Guess we never stop growing and maturing.
So back to that test I took... these were my resluts: (the highest is 12 points in a category)
9- Acts of Service
8- Quality Time
7- Words of Affirmation
3- Receiving Gifts
3- Physical Touch
Go figure! It does make sense when I think about it. When Crockett helps me with the dishes or makes me chocolate milk I feel so cherished. I love feeling taken care of. Looking at all this has also made me realize what an amazing man I'm marrying. He excels at all of these catagories. When I'm stressed he helps me with my to do list. He does laundry, dishes, heavy lifting, packing. He's such a doer and not a watcher. He also takes me out on dates and stops at Red Box on our way to the store and says let's rent a movie tonight, just us, you pick. :)He tells me every day he loves me and how beautiful I am. He spoils me rotten with gifts. (Mostly food!) And his favorite way to show me he loves me is with back massages. I couldn't ask for a more well rounded lover. He loves in every way. I am so blessed.
I guess these changes are just part of life and I need to embrace them. Thank you Lord for answering prayer and shaping me into the woman you want me to be. All of my life I make an offering!