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Hello & welcome! 
I'm so glad you've stopped by my blog. There are a few reasons I decided to venture into the blogging world. The first is that I hope my stories are used by God to glorify himself. The second is that I needed a means of keeping my family updated with my life. I didn't go to college near my hometown and then I became a traveling military wife. Lastly, writing is therapeutic for me. There's just something about getting my thoughts out of my head and into this space that helps me sleep better. I love it.

This is me and my awesome husband.

I am a US Coast Guard wife, graduate of the University of North Texas, and servant of the one true God.

This is our beautiful princess.

We have 2 crazy pups, & 1 cat.

Tank is a lab mix and Mo is a Shih tzu.


We live in Topeka, Kansas, but we both call Katy (& Denton), Texas home.

Here are some fun facts about me:
I married my best friend.
After 3 years of infertility I became a mother through adoption.
Fall is my favorite season.
My hobbies include baking, coloring, reading, & watching baseball.
I love to drink pickle juice, coffee, and hot chocolate.
Otters, lemurs, & meerkats are my favorite animals.
I enjoy the smell of rain, fires in winter, worshiping my Savior, good conversation, children's literature, snow, Disney, Vera Bradley, back rubs, mani/pedis, America, & shoes.
I am a family gal through and through; I'm particularly crazy about my sister & nephews, Noah & Brody.
I was in the sorority, Sigma Alpha in college.

Our wedding day, 8-14-10

Disney World honeymooners

Cousins! (& sister & nephews)

I am so blessed.

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Krystle Kral said...

So I came across your blog and started reading and checking it out...but this part got me! I actually live in Katy now...and moved to Texas from Salina, Kansas!