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Journey to Motherhood

August 2010- We get married! {Houston, TX}

September 2011- We decide to get off birth control and "see what happens."

December 2011- We begin tracking my ovulation to find the best days to become pregnant.

June- August 2012- Crockett attends USCG boot camp putting 2,000 miles between us.

August 2012- We announce to our parents we've been trying for a baby for almost a year.

September 2012- One year of trying for baby. {We move to East Tawas, MI}

November 29, 2012- I have my first appointment with an OB to discuss infertility. The PA orders an ultrasound of my ovaries to rule out any major problems.

December 5, 2012- During the ultrasound the tech sees what she believes to be an ectopic pregnancy and sends me to the ER. (You can read about this frightening story here (part 1)here (part 2), & here (part 3).) I announce our infertility to the world via this blog.

December 7, 2012- I have my second appointment with the OB. He informs us I am not pregnant and prescribes the fertility drug, Clomid.

January 2013- The 1st round of Clomid (50 mg) is a failure and we begin round 2.

February 2013- The 2nd round of Clomid (50 mg) is a failure.

March 1, 2013- Our 1st appointment is scheduled with a new doctor.

March 8, 2013- The new doctor performs a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) on me and the results come back normal. (We take a month off Clomid to have the procedure & do not get pregnant on our own.)

April 2013- The 3rd round of Clomid (100 mg) is a failure. We announce big news about adoption.

May 2013- We see a 3rd doctor thanks to insurance issues & get scary news at our 1st appointment. Also, we begin the licensing process for foster/adoption.

June 2013- We see a hematologist who assesses our risk concerning my genetic blood mutation and we are scheduled for our 2nd home study appointment for foster/adoption.

August 2013- We decide to stop pursuing foster/adoption and fertility treatments in Michigan with plans to start again when we move. (~Jan. 2015)   

September 2013- Two years of trying for baby.

February 2014- We have additional tests done and find out we can't have children.

May 2014- We find out we are going to be parents through adoption!

September 2014- Three years of infertility.

December 2014- We finally welcome our baby girl into our family.

September 2015- Four years of infertility.

October 2015- We find out we are miraculously pregnant with Baby #2!

November 2015- I am hospitalized during Andi's 1st birthday party and miscarry at 11 weeks.

September 2016- Five years of infertility.

February 2017- We decide to start seeing a fertility specialist to start treatment again. {Kansas City, MO}

March 2017- I take fertility pills and injections to prep for an IUI. We go in for the procedure, but cannot do it because of low sperm count and my tilted cervix. We decide to wait until summer to try again.

April 2017- We get pregnant naturally on our own! Baby boy is due January 2018.

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