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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

O Baby...

If there is one thing that I know for sure it's that nothing is for sure. So much changes so fast. One month we are walking down one path and just a few weeks later everything is different. It's hard to keep everything straight sometimes and it's even harder to explain to others what's going on with us little ole Thompsons.

We got some news last month that confirmed some things we were already beginning to feel and fear. We found out that we are not able to have children naturally. We aren't disclosing at this time all the medical reasons behind the diagnosis, but we will be seeing a specialist in the future to discuss what medical procedures we could do to possibly conceive a baby. Right now with the knowledge we have based on years of research we are more than likely up against 2 options: IUI and IVF. (click the links to learn more if you so wish.) Both options are incredibly costly and based on our personal beliefs about when life begins we will not be doing IVF no matter the availability. That leaves just the IUI. (Unless the doctor we see has some other options we haven't heard about yet.) We haven't decided when we are going to begin seeing a specialist as sometimes these things aren't covered by insurance and the closest one to us is 3 hours away. With the amount of times we would need to go into the doctor's office a week while being treated we just aren't sure it's a possibility right now.

So now what?

We have decided here's what's next:
In 6-9 months we are moving out of Michigan. We don't know where. So when we get wherever we're going we are going to choose an adoption agency and pursue domestic infant adoption. This means we will go on a list and hopefully be chosen by a pregnant woman to became parents when she gives birth (USA only). This is incredibly costly so before we can begin we have to do some fundraising and saving. (average costs are $30,000- $45,000)

Also, we are praying about what to do in regards to pursuing getting pregnant. I feel very strongly that God is calling us to adopt and let go of becoming pregnant for now. I know God has the power to create life in me regardless of a diagnosis that says it won't happen. I trust that if and when he wants that for us he'll make it happen. I'm truly not upset by that. I just want to be a mother, however he'd have that happen. So we might start seeing a specialist when we move just to hear what options are available to us, but also we may just pursue adoption whole-heartedly and not look back. We'll see.

There is a lot going on in both of our hearts as we process this news and other unrelated issues going on. It's been a difficult last month and a half. Please pray for us, friends, that we would walk in peace as we continually surrender our desires before the feet of Jesus. 

Thanks for keeping up with us and most of all praying for us. We appreciate it so!

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