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Friday, November 7, 2008


is it possible to love a child this much when he's not your own? dallas sillman is the most precious little boyi have ever known. he's very emotional and a little aggressive. he's stubborn and when he wakes up from nap the first thing he needs is a hug. he tells me to come to his house every day and the moment i walk in the door each morning i get the best hug in the world from him. we play this game called baby dallas and he loves me. almost as much as i love him. i can put him in time out and yell at him and he still adores me. just like he can not listen and hit kids but i still adore him. i miss him when i go home and on the weekends i wish i could see him. he is my love and the reason i go to work. i love that little boy and he is a blessing in my life, a light in my day. i'm so incredibly lucky to be his teacher.

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