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Sunday, November 2, 2008

him <3

his favorite color is red, but he looks best in blue. he can dance. he can sing. he loves scary things, but he's afraid of dark figures. he has green eyes, but at night they turn honey. his favorite drink is milk. his hand is bigger than mine, but his fingers fit perfectly between mine. he's there to win. he listens to all sorts of music. his favorite band is switchfoot. he's popular and has tons of friends, but he's scared he'll get hurt... especially by me. his laugh is addictive. his voice is soothing and reassuring. when he puts his hands on my hips, i feel beautiful. Christ is his number 1. he loves cheeseburgers. his touch makes me melt. he loves his family, especially his twin sister. he really wants to go to italy and france. his greatest memories are from summers spent on rec team. he played texas high school football, and won state. he's always honest. if he could live anywhere it'd be colorado or hawaii. his lips are soft. he is romantic. he's outragous and dangerous. he likes stars. he does not eat fruit or vegetables [except corn]. he's never had a starbucks drink. he says hilarious things when he's tired. he is a great story teller. he actually likes the sound of music. he loves sports, especially water sports. he is beautiful in every sense of the word. he'll do anything if you say he won't or can't. he makes me feel invincible. he's crazy about me.

he has my heart.

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