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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lemon Pie

Today I was craving some Thanksgiving with my wonderful family. I can't wait to get some of Mamaw's stuffin and gravy and Memaw's lemon ice box pie!! I absolutely love Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday. It's the one time a year I get to see all of my dad's family. It's also one of the few times a year I get to play Nertz ALL day long. We eat lunch, play, eat dessert, play, eat dinner, play, etc. It's amazing. :] So today I baked a lemon pie to satisfy my sweet tooth and prepare myself for some Thanksgiving. This was the first time I ever baked a pie. This was also the first time I made meringue. It came out great! The pie is delicious. And I got to really use my KitchenAid mixer from our wedding for the first time. It was easier than baking a cake surprisingly and took about 15 minutes. I couldn't get the meringue to brown, but it's still fantastic. Next I get to make brownies for Crockett since he doesn't like pie. More for me!

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