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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Say What??

Well, I was originally waiting to update the world on our life, but I'm quickly learning that if you wait on the military to make definite plans you'll be waiting forever. So as of now here is where we stand:

Coast Guard
Crockett will be leaving TX for boot camp in Cape May, New Jersey on June 5. He will graduate on July 27. He'll then have a few days leave (3-14) to visit family & friends in Texas before reporting to Petaluma, California (just north of San Francisco) where he will be stationed until his "A" school starts on August 15. School (where he'll learn all he needs to know to do his job in the CG) lasts 12 weeks and he will graduate on November 7 at which point he will receive his next station where he will finally be working and not in school. And he'll be working as a.... CHEF! He has decided to join the CG in the Food Services rate. He has a 4 year contract that he'll be signing the day before he leaves for boot camp. Because this is a critical rate right now in the CG we'll be getting a bonus upon his completion of "A"school. (whoo hoo) After his contract is up he can choose to move on with his FS career or start a new path in the CG. Right now we're looking at this as a career option, not just a minimal service. We'll see how it goes though. So far, so good, but by all means, we're just getting started. So where does this leave me you're asking. Well, keep reading.

I'm graduating in 3 1/2 weeks!!! I will finally have my bachelor's degree in elementary education and will be a certified teacher in the state of TX. :) Annnnd, Crockett will get to see me graduate. (So thankful!) So at the end of May the lease on our house is up and we will be moving out. Crockett will leave at the beginning of June and I will hopefully be living in an apartment with some friends here in Denton. I have applied for a teacher position for a summer learning academy and am waiting to hear back.
[Side Note: The CG will be housing Crockett for both boot camp and "A" school. He'll be making money the entire time and living in the barracks on base. I am NOT allowed to see him through boot camp, (we'll be writing letters the old school way.) however, "A" school is a little different. It will operate much like college. He goes to class, but his free time is his. If I chose to move to California he could stay with me, but it would be financially on us for me to do that. I don't know when the last time you priced California apartments was, but let me go ahead and sum it up for you: EXPENSIVE & SMALL.]
Since we will be getting our permanent station in November (where they will actually give us housing allowance to get a house/apartment together.) we've decided that I will not try to find a teaching job just to start in August and leave in November. So I will be subbing as much as I can in Denton, while also starting on my second bachelor's degree. (I'm getting it in Hospitality Management!) I will also be staying in my sorority, Sigma Alpha, and getting the amazing honor and privilege to serve on the executive board as Secretary.

So, all in all Crockett & I will be apart for about 6 months, only 2 of which will be non-contact. We plan to fly me over to California as much as possible. (Round trips from Dallas are $300 if bought far enough in advance.) We are incredibly grateful for this as we know it could be much, much worse. The main reason we decided on the Coast Guard when thinking about military options was the non-combat oriented, close to home, not deployed into war factor. After boot camp and "A" school are completed we will get to spend the rest of his career together. (Now, there is a possibility Crockett could get stationed on a cutter [boat] and he could spend up to 3 months on/3 months off, but I'll at least be able to live on/near base.)

We are so thankful for all the love and support we've received from our friends and family through this process, but we are most thankful for a loving and faithful God who hasn't left us one single second along this journey. I am so comforted knowing that Crockett is safe in his father's hands and God has always known exactly where we'd end up. Being in the dark has been especially difficult for me and learning to let go of the control I (thought I) had over my life has been so amazing. It's actually less stressful to know it's not my concern. I look forward to seeing how God uses Crockett and me in this journey.

"And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose."- Romans 8:28

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