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Monday, August 3, 2015

Andi- 8 months

 Weight:  19.8 pounds

Length:  27.25 inches

Wears: 6-9 months & a couple 6 months & 9 months clothes, size 2 shoe, hair bows (her hair is finally long enough for a small pony tail!)

Loves: Exploring new areas in the house, like the dogs bowls, Mo's cage, under the table, & in the kitchen, crawling everywhere, drinking water from a sippy cup, touch & feel books, toys that light up and sing, Mickey Mouse, swimming, giving kisses, & tickling.

Eats: 9 ounces 4 times a day, cereal/fruit in the morning & a veggie in the evening.

What's new: Andi still has just 2 bottom teeth and she's eating more and more new fruits & veggies. She is pretty picky about her veggies though and will only eat sweet potatoes and avocados without some fruit to hide the taste. She does not like peas, apricots, or carrots. (She also fell asleep while eating for the first time this month!) She still spills water from her sippy cup on herself for fun, but she can actually drink out of it now too. We tried puffs a couple weeks ago, but she choked and threw up so we'll wait to try those again later this month.
We are officially, definitely crawling! Andi crawls EVERYWHERE in the house on all fours and man she is fast. We're having a hard time containing her to the baby proof areas. She still loves to follow the cat around when he actually comes down from his cat tower.
She's also pulling up on everything and sitting all by herself. On the 4th of July was her first time to move from a crawl to sit on her own. :) She has tried to let go of whatever she pulls up on, but always falls. Thankfully, she's not ready for standing yet. She's getting too big as it is! With all this new moving Andi has gotten hurt more in the last month than in her whole life. It's really hard for me to let her explore what she can and can't do without wanting to stop her from doing things I know will lead to her falling. Fortunately, she's learning VERY fast and already catches herself almost every time she falls and has mastered how to get down once she pulls up. (At first she'd pull up on something and not know how to get back down on the floor so she'd just stand there and cry.)
Andi has stranger anxiety pretty bad and where she used to smile at strangers in the grocery store, she now scowls at everyone who is not Crockett or me. Especially men, it's kinda embarrassing. She even has to warm back up to people she knows who she hasn't seen in a few days. She's very cautious. She's into whining/crying not just when she needs something, but also when she is unhappy/displeased. (Mom is not amused.) Her hair is as dark as ever and those beautiful eyes are still dark blue. :)

Mom & Dad update: We were in Texas for most of July and when we came back to Kansas we brought our 4 year old nephew with us to stay for 10 days. Andi enjoyed the company. She thinks her cousin is hilarious! Crockett and I loved seeing everyone and getting to spend time in God's country, but it was nice to be back home in our normal routine. We have a couple weeks before heading back south for a wedding. We survived the drive to and from Texas with a squirmy 7 month old & 4 year old, but we're glad to be flying for the next trip. ;)
Crockett & I are both in shock just about every time Andi does something new, which has been a lot lately, because we can't believe we're already here. It feels like just last month we were bringing that 6 pound little girl home. She's so big and smart and mobile now. We're so in love with her and just can't imagine what our lives would be like without her!
(Also, we're in the process of buying a house here in Topeka so that's stressful exciting!)

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