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Monday, September 7, 2015

Andi- 9 months

Weight:  20 pounds

Length:  27.75 inches

Wears: a couple 6-9/9-12 months, mostly 9 months clothes, size 3 shoes

Loves:  Waving bye-bye, books, kisses, tickles, eating snacks, tv shows with music, playing with mom, dad, & the cat, walking while holding on to things, & of course, pacifiers.

Eats: 3 meals & 2 snacks/day followed by a 4 ounce bottle. Andi just started eating solid foods this week, and now eats snacks like Puffs, yogurt melts, and baby crackers.

What's new: Our girl got 2 new teeth this month! Both of her top incisors came in at the same time. Not sure why she skipped the top front teeth, but she looks like an adorable little vampire. :) She started eating table foods this week and is doing amazing with the new textures and flavors. I've added pasta, some meats, & yogurt to her diet. She now gets cut up pieces of food, baby food, & then a bottle. She's loving the mess she gets to make. I was worried about introducing food, but she's been perfect.
Andi has mastered pulling up on anything and walks along the furniture with ease. She just started letting go and standing on her own for a few seconds before falling. She'll be walking before we know it!
Her stranger anxiety has turned from mean mugging to hiding. (Thank you, Jesus!) It has been so fun getting to know this little girl as her personality is really starting to shine. She is actually a lot like me! She's one of the most emotionally aware babies I've ever known. If she senses any frustration or upset in the adults around her she gets very upset and looks for me to reassure her. Even when someone (like Daddy) is talking loudly/excitedly Andi gets nervous. Crockett and I have to tag team a lot when putting her to sleep because if we are even the slightest bit frustrated, she will get beyond consolable. God is definitely using her to teach me to be calm and patient. She's also developing some sass and throws a fit when she doesn't get her way, but that's not nearly as often as she is making us laugh. She loves to hear herself talk and make noises. I love watching her learn and explore what she can do (like dancing to Mickey Mouse!). :)

Mom & Dad update: This month was filled with house hunting and then a short trip home to marry off another sister. (I left Andi for longer than a work day for the first time the night of the wedding. I did really well, but I think that's because she was with my mom and I was having too much fun.) Andi did fantastic on the plane! We're back in Kansas until Thanksgiving though and our schedules are starting to fall back into normalcy. Crockett is in a volleyball league, I have Bible study at church, our home group is starting back up this week, and we both started serving as teachers in the children's ministry at church. It's nice to be busy and back in routine, but it's crazy to think the next time we'll be home is for Andi's 1st birthday party! Time to plan!

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