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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Well hello 6am; it's been a while.

Well, school has started. It hasn't quite been a week yet, but I think I have an understanding of how this year's schedule will look. Only one class I haven't been to yet, and I'll get to do that tomorrow. So I'm only in class 3 days a week which is nice, but those three days are pretty busy. Crockett and I have to bring our lunch to school. At least there's a microwave on campus. Hello mac & cheese bowls. :) I'm taking 2 science classes and my CDL class which means that technically I'm taking 15 hours (5 classes), but in reality I have 8 classes including labs!! I'm not nervous about anything yet. Environmental Science seems interesting. Earth Science seems boring, but not too hard. Education classes are my specialty and math is TBA. My prof seems nice, but me and math have a bad history. We were great in high schoool, but we broke my sophomore year of college. I'm not sure I'm ready to rekindle yet.
Aside from academics there is another thing that will be occupying my time this semester. I am rushing SIGMA ALPHA! :D I am so so excited! It's only been two days, but I have met some incredible girls and I am feeling God's confirmation that this is right where I belong. The girls described themselves as awkward and loud. Umm... yes please!! I think it'll be a fantastic way to make friends and find a home for my bruised heart. I met a girl last year who seemed to be my heart friend instantly, but she left me with a bad taste in my mouth after really disappointing me and walking out on me when I needed her. I'm eager to see how God works through the Sigma ladies in my life.
Also, I had an interview with a family for a permanent nanny position last Sunday and I GOT IT!! I'm super excited to be working for this family. I know God is going to use me in the lives of these children and I can't wait to be his vessel! How blessed am I to be chosen to demonstrate the love of God to the most precious little lives?!
I continue to give God all the glory for how my life is going right now. He has answered prayer by giving us a church home, giving me a group of girls to share my heart with, giving me a great job, continually providing our financial needs, and allowing us to find each other in love. It's easy to remember God in the hard times. It's easy to talk to him when I can't breathe because of the pain and I have no where left to turn, but I often find it harder to remember to praise him. Things are going great and there's only one reason for that: because my God is good!!
PS. Diego the cat has come to live with us and he is doing much better. :) I think he'll do well here.

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