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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The journey to become one of them.

Update on the secrets: It's going much better! I'm still under a lot of stress and I'm starting to feel really tired, but I'm feeling a lot better. I haven't worked much lately, but Crockett is applying at Texas Motor Speedway! I have a lot of homework and my tummy has started to get upset due to stress and not eating well, but I'm meeting lots of great girls! I miss my husband and my house is a mess, but I think it will al be worth it when these 5 weeks are over.


Kendall Leah said...

where is your husband?

Mrs. Thompson said...

We are both pledging a christian fraternity and sorority and between that, school, and work we see each other less now than we did when we were dating. (I work fri-sun and he works mon-thur) But I'm sure you know all about not seeing your husband!