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Monday, August 29, 2011

cultural trends we follow

For a while now I have been amazed at the people our culture is astounded by. I'm surrounded by Christians who bash other Christians who are famous, while relishing in the disgusting trends of stars like Lady GaGa. I have a belief that we Christians need to support each other and the same Biblical principles we follow for our friends and the people in our immediate circle should apply to Christians who are famous. For example, Tim Tebow. I have heard Christians talk filthy filthy things about him. This always confused me because Tim Tebow has used his fame and the spotlight put on him to bring glory to Christ. No matter which team we root for, as Christians, this should please us! This should make us proud and we should feel encouraged. We should acknowledge how God is using our brother's talents and fame to glorify Himself. Likewise, with artists who are Christians we should pray for them that God would use their fame to bring himself glory. We should pray that they would not lose sight of God in the midst of their fame. And when they publicly acknowledge Christ as the giver of their talents we should be so encouraged and thankful. Even if we don't like their particular genre of music or style of clothing; what should matter to us is what they stand for and who they represent. My best friend is athletic and I am not. I don't talk trash about her because I think sports are a waste of time; I am thankful and proud that God blessed her with those talents and gave her such a passion for something. I am also incredibly humbled by how humble she is.

We need to stand together as Christians and support one another as we go out into this world that is not our home preaching the Gospel and proclaiming Christ as Lord. Whether their mission field be Africa, Denton TX, the VMAs, or the NFL, we should be proud and supportive, accepting and appreciating our differences, and clinging to what we have in common: Christ.

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