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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Movie Review: Wreck-It Ralph

On a scale from 1 to Tangled (10) I give it...
Family Friendliness: Tangled (10)
Humor: 9
Scariness: 1.5
Good Ending: Tangled (10)
Overall: 9.5

This movie is great!!
I saw it in theaters twice and that rarely happens for me. I believe the only other Disney movie I saw in theaters twice was my perfect 10, Tangled

Disney has done it once again. Wreck-It Ralph is an instant classic in my book and will be joining our family collection ASAP. I laughed. A lot. I didn't predict what was going to happen in the end and was genuinely entertained. Nothing but solid, good-hearted fun.

Ralph is a bad guy who just wants to get some credit. At the end of his game he is thrown off a building and he lives in a dump, unlike Felix, who is the hero of their game and ends each turn receiving a big, shiny medal from the townspeople. It's easy to see why Ralph is jealous.  I mean who could blame the guy? Not a fun life.

When Ralph decides to prove his worth and earn a medal himself things take a turn for chaotic. The crazy events he sets in motion will have you laughing and guessing all the way. You'll find yourself rooting for Ralph & Vanellope until the end. The characters are absolutely lovable. I had a particular soft spot for King Candy & his lisp. Jane Lynch is perfect as Calhoun and Felix is now one of the most quoted cartoons at my house.

Whether you're a kid, have kids, or are a kid at heart (and even if you aren't) go see this movie. You'll have a great time, I promise.

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