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Monday, August 13, 2012

LOVE146: Ending child sex slavery & exploitation

This blog is different from my usual update on my life and Crockett's boot camp. Tonight I wanted to highlight an organization that I really think is making a difference. LOVE 146 is a group that has teams in the US, Europe, & Asia that are fighting against child sex slavery & exploitation. They have prevention & aftercare solutions for young girls who need to be rescued. I encourage you to look into this group and pray about what you could do to possibly help spread the word or support for this wonderful cause.

Watch this clip about how LOVE 146 got started.

Read more at the website

Bethany Joy Lenz is one of my favorite actresses and she is a big supporter of LOVE 146. You can check out her blog here and also check out the t shirt she designed here; a portion of the proceeds go to LOVE 146.

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