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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Here's To You

PaTrIcK EdWaRd CoGgInS
Best Friend. United States Marine. Son. American. Grandson. Cowboy. Texan. Brother. Hero.
Loving. Strong. Caring. Kind. Genuine. Honest. Loyal. Determined.
Appreciated. Missed. Wanted. Needed. Loved.
You were my best friend as a child. I wasn't shy or nervous around you. I wasn't scared to be myself or easily embarressed. You were just a boy and I was just a girl and we had fun together. As we got older I developed a big fat crush on you. I was suddenly carefully picking out my clothes for church and making sure my hair was done and I had make up on at youth events. Then came the jealousy for every other girl you talked to. I was very quickly falling for my partner in crime, my buddy, my one constant, my very best friend. In junior high you became my boyfriend and to this day we reminisce about chess and ice cream. Then there came a kiss that forever changed our relationship. We ended that summer unsure about the future and embarked on the crazy journey called high school. We fell apart and back together... about a dozen times. We had fights and we had amazing times together. We broke each others hearts and somewhere along the way we fell in love. But not the kind that other people know about. It was a love that only you and I knew about or understand. You summed it up when you whispered in my ear, "You and me, we're always gunna love each other, no matter what." Throughout time, no matter who else was in the picture there remained a special place in each of our lives for each other. I know I had a hard time explaining you to my boyfriends. Here we are. Fifteen years in the making. I still don't know how to explain what we have to other people and it almost makes me laugh when they try to put it into words. We know what it is, and that's all that matters. I don't know the future for you or I, but I know that we'll be friends forever. I know that I love you. I miss you everyday and at the end of the day I wish I could just call you up and talk to you. I regret the times I could have spent with you and didn't, but I relive the memories I do have everyday and I can't wait to make more. You, my friend are an amazing person, an amazing friend. I know you doubt so much, about life, love, and how you play a part in this big world. But I hope you know there is one place you will always belong. Beside me. Helping me face my fears. Holding my hand. P & B forever. I look up to you and I am priviledged and honored to know you. I am a better person because of it.

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