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Sunday, September 21, 2008


being a preschool teacher, i have found myself saying things that most people might find odd. so i've decided to keep a record of them.

things i find myself saying on a daily/regular basis:
"did you wipe?"
"joseph, get your hands out of your pants."(everyday)
"did someone poop their pants?"
"girls, stop playing in the bathroom."
"why is there more than one person peeing in that toilet?"
"pull your pants all the way up before you come out of the bathroom."
"do we eat play dough?"
"do we cut our friends' hair with our scissors? do we cut our own hair?"
"go potty."
"luke, why are you sitting on marcus'/kennedy's head?"
"put a bubble in your mouth."

things my kids have said that made me chuckle:
me-"what month are we in?"
katie- "september."
joseph-"and then comes november!!"
me-"after october, that's right. then comes november."
joseph-"and then santa comes!"
me-"very good joseph."
joseph-"and then we wash our hands."

me-"today we are going to read this book. it's called 'things i like'."

dallas-"ms. becca, my daddy put medicine on my bottom to keep it warm." (rubbing his bottom)

joseph-"my mommy says when i touch my wee wee it means i have to go potty."

me-"what's your middle name kennedy?"
kennedy- "i don't know."
cash- "i know my middle name!"
me- "what is it?"
cash- "cash money."

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