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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Like an Alcoholic??

I met my mother for lunch the other day and when I left I told her I was going to stop by Books-A-Million and she made a comment that I was insulted by. She said, "O no. You shouldn't do that. It's like an alcoholic in a bar." :O What?? Now I know I have been known to drop large sums of money in bookstores but goodness... that was extreme. Well I bought 13 books; maybe it wasn't so extreme. I have an addiction. Children's book. They get me every time. Books in general are usually my weakness. I have several favorites in each catagory.
My favorite as a child: "The Island of the Blue Dolphin"
My favorite classic: "Swiss Family Robinson"
My favorite series: "Harry Potter" & "Twilight"
My favorite as a teen: "The Earth My Butt & Other Big Round Things"
My favorite "God" book: "Captivating" & "God's Blogs"
There's no way I could choose a favorite children's book, as I collect them and have way too many to pick a favorite. I went to the library today to get books for my classroom. The themes are garden and farm and our letter is A. I walked out with 20 books. I'm crazy about books! I guess it's true, like an alcoholic.

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