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Friday, September 28, 2012

Movie Review: Katy Perry, Part of Me

Let me preface this with my feelings on Katy Perry before I saw this movie. I <3 kp="kp" nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

My feelings now? The same. :)

This girl makes awesome music. She has an incredible voice. And not just on the radio, her live voice is outstanding. She has raw talent. She writes, she sings, she dances, she's got it. She is a great performer. And she is beautiful on top of all that. I really have always liked her music and the fact that she and Michael Jackson are the only ones to have 5 hit singles from one album speaks volumes about her popularity and talent.

Now, on to the movie. 
It was super cute and real. I am still shocked she put so much of her personal marital issues into the movie. I'm so glad she did because it just proved she is a real girl with real problems, but her vulnerability was surprising. There is one scene that gave me unbelievable respect for her. In the midst of her divorce and her heart breaking to a million pieces she was a crumbled mess of tears and incoherent sadness. She was laying on her make up chair just crying and clinging to a necklace given to her by her husband. Her producers, managers, and all the people in charge were at a loss. Katy was supposed to go on stage and perform in minutes. They kept asking her what she wanted to do. They told her she could cancel the concert. But she didn't. She got herself together and stood on the platform that would bring her to the stage, crying the whole way. She honestly looked like she was going to collapse. And then she took a minute, gathered herself, put on a smile and the platform began to rise on stage. My heart has been there. Completely destroyed and wanting to crawl into a hole and disappear. There is no way I could have ever been as courageous as she was. As sacrificial as she was. The dedication she has to her fans is unreal. 

Go see the movie. You won't regret it. (Plus you get to listen to a lot of KP music!)

Here's the trailer for you.

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