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Friday, September 14, 2012

The End is Here!

The end of summer. The end of my time in Texas. (for now) The end of being separated from my husband. The end of being unemployed. (hopefully) The end of my time taking care of my sister and nephew.

It's been a crazy and wild past 3 months. So much happened. I found out my sister is expecting baby #2. Crockett went to boot camp. My sister began having complications with her pregnancy and moved home so I could help take care of my 1 yr old nephew. I quit my job. We found out the baby is a BOY. Crockett graduated from boot camp. We cancelled our move to California. (Crockett changed jobs in the CG) Crockett spent an extra month in NJ on medical hold. I went on a cruise with my family to Mexico. Crockett got his orders for East Tawas, Michigan.

So here I am. Reflecting on all that has passed and getting ready to go pick my husband up from the airport so we can move tomorrow morning. We get to start our 3 day journey (dogs in tow) bright and early. It's mind blowing how fast things can change. I've always heard, "If you want to make God laugh tell him your plans." I know that God's plans are much bigger for me than my own and I'm so grateful he's been teaching me to relinquish control of my life and my circumstances. This summer would have been that much harder if I had been desperately trying to forge my own path. I can honestly say I have enjoyed resting in God's peace knowing it will all be ok. Of course I had my days where I stressed about the details and was anxious about how things would line up, but I feel  like I've gown so much in the last 12 weeks or so just resting with my father. It has been a huge blessing to be in a season of turmoil and feel total peace within.

As excited as I am about moving to Michigan and finally living with my husband again in our own home and experience a northern fall and winter, I am very sad to be leaving my family behind in Texas. 

Here are some pics from my wonderful month and half with Noah & Sister.

Find a cuter kid. That's right; you can't.

1. Husband bought me these adorable heels from JCP while he was home on leave. Have I mention I am spoiled rotten?

2. Sister's complicated pregnancy leaves her dizzy and out of breath if she exerts too much energy. Even simple things like walking will exhaust her. She wasn't too excited about having to ride in the motor buggy; I on the other hand would milk that!

3. My little nephew on the way!! :) I can't wait to hold him.

So long Texas. You will always be home and I will carry you in my accent heart.

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A Texas Gal said...

Thank you for your comment! Katy is in my neck of the woods - well almost ;)
Best of luck on your new adventures in Michigan - where they do actually have FALL and Spring...since we don't here!