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Thursday, September 13, 2012


My very favorite time of year is among us and my favorite way to celebrate fall is to decorate my house. Each year my husband and I buy one new piece of fall decoration to add to our collection. This way we didn't spend too much of the money we didn't have our first year of marriage and by the time we have grandkids we will have a gorgeous house at fall time. For this year's new piece I made this easy and simple wreath. This was my second attempt at wreath making and it could not have been easier.

I found the wreath itself in the dollar section at Target for only $2.50. They can be really expensive at craft stores so I snagged it up really fast. Next I bought the ribbon, the small pumpkin, & 2 pieces of the berry limbs from Hobby Lobby. (All of which were on sale getting me out of the store for less than $8.) I spray painted the T white and when it was dry added a layer of varnish since it will be outside. Next, I hot glued everything in place and added the bow for the final touch. It was seriously the easiest thing ever. About 20 min. worth of work including dry time and all for about $10? Yes please.

My first attempt at a wreath did not turn out quite like I was hoping, but I'm fond of it none the less. For this wreath (which I made as a Christmas gift) I used one pinner's suggestion of foam tubing from a hardware store as the base of wreath. As you can see, the tubing does not make a complete circle. It's a little off, but if you don't mind that then I suggest using this method. Craft circles for wreaths are around $5-8, I got 6 ft. of the foam tubing for $1. I cut the tube to the length I wanted and used packaging tape to make the "circle."

Update! I heard through the grapevine that if you cut the foam tubing all along the edge so that the diameter of the tube is no longer connected, but could theoretically be folded flat fixes the non-round-wreath problem. After you make the cut, allow the flap to overlap until it makes a circle! Clear as mud? Ok, great!

Next I wrapped the burlap around it, hot gluing every now and then to secure it. (I got the burlap on sale for $.83!) I painted the C and added varnish since a wreath is typically exposed to the elements. I added the bow on top and then began my work on the fabric flowers. I had left over fabric from a skirt I made so there was no cost there. This is the video I followed for the flowers. (Warning: I used hot glue because I didn't have any fabric glue. It worked just as well, but I burned myself with EVERY single one, there really is just no way to avoid it.) It took me a minute to get the hang of this, but once I did it went quickly; I could have been spittin out fabric flowers all night!

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