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Monday, July 9, 2012

Hunter Hayes, Lake Buchanan, & a poem

First of all, have you heard this song? "Wanted" by Hunter Hayes. If you haven't go listen right now! I am pretty much obsessed. (:

So this weekend I went to to the lake with the husband's family. I got some much needed read and sun time. It was difficult being in my husbands favorite place in the entire world without him, but it was refreshing at the same time. It reminded me so much of what I love about him. It also put a lot of things into perspective for me. Like how I much I appreciate the things about him that are different from me. It was also a really good chance to talk with his cousin and her fiance who is in the Navy. They were incredibly encouraging and wonderful. I really just love them. A lot. I can't wait to see them again. The lake trip even inspired some poetry which I haven't written since high school.

Some shots from the weekend.

My very favorite. This how God intended books to be read.

Love’s Many Forms
At night it pours from my eyes and stains my pillow as I lay alone waiting for your warmth.
It creeps into my soul at the sound of a song expressing everything I feel.
It covers my arms in the form of tiny bumps when I lift you up to our Lord.
It washes over my body when I see a husband kiss his wife.
It’s the tingle between my fingers during the day when I long to hold your hand.
It fills up my lungs, making it hard to breathe when I think of something only you would understand.
It is the joy in my soul when I see your handwriting. 
It’s the stillness in the quiet moments when I long for your conversation.
It’s the words on my tongue when someone asks how I’m doing and I smile and lie.
It is each letter, word, and sentence I write telling you how things are fine and I will be ok.
It’s the break in my heart slowly growing each time I check the mail.
It’s the longing in every inch of my body that cries out for you every minute of the day.
July 6, 2012

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