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Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Diploma Is Here!

Here it is! Official documentation that I am indeed a college graduate!

Today was a good day for me & the mailman's relationship. The past few days I have been pretty angry with him, but today he brought me 4 letters from my love and my diploma. I have been waiting for this darn diploma for over 2 months. It was supposed to come in 6 weeks. Yeah, so much for that. Kind of to be expected I guess. UNT never did anything on time while I was there, makes sense they stuck to tradition after I left.
This calls for a little reflection. Did you know that I graduated high school over 6 years ago? Yes, you read that correctly. I am old older than most people who just graduated college. I went to good ole SNU for 2 years and took a year "off" (I took a few night classes at the local community college.) to mend a broken heart, gain some practical experience, and watch my baby sister live up her senior year (& meet my husband!) before finally settling in Denton, TX where I attended UNT for 3 years.

After high school I wasn't even sure I would be able to go to college. I had practically no savings and my mom wasn't financially able to pay my way. My only option was to take out student loans and going to a school that was $20,000/ year, I took out a lot! I would not have been able to get enough loans together without the help of my sweet mentors, Paul & Julie Baxter, who cosigned for me.

That first year was such a challenge, as it is for most college freshman. I was 8 hrs from home, failing half of my classes, and desperately fighting to save a relationship doomed to fail. I struggled to find a church home and to make friends. My sophomore year I made friends and was tremendously blessed by, Ms. Courtney Ruby, who helped me start over after I finally had the courage to leave that unhealthy relationship headed nowhere. 

During my year at home I met my best friend, Sophie, and my husband. I fell in love with the kids in my prekindergarten class and had the time of my life watching my sister blossom. Her volleyball team was phenomenal and so much fun to support. 

Finally, I started my time at UNT. The classes were harder than I expected and I endured more science than I ever dreamed possible. Seriously, why do I need to know Physics, Geography, Geology, Environmental Science, & Biology to teach elementary students?? Let's be honest; I don't. Anyway, I pushed through and learned so much about education and how to be an effective teacher. I planned a wedding and got married. I joined a sorority and made some pretty incredible memories during my 2 years with my sisters. I survived the first 2 years of marriage and learned how to be wife.

I wouldn't trade a single moment of my post high school journey. Every step I took, no matter how painful or uncertain, they each lead me closer to where I am today and that is worth everything.


Crockett Update: He's doing really well. :) He hasn't been reverted (pushed back to the company behind him) or gone to ramp (day of punishment). He hasn't had his wisdom teeth pulled yet, but that's still to come. He has passed everything so far and their midterm is tomorrow! (Lots of prayers!) This weekend ends week 4. Most of the recruits in Zulu will be filling out their dream sheets this week for the station they will go to while they wait for A school. We're really fortunate to already know where we're going, but I am super anxious to know where we go after A school, the place we'll live for the next 2-3 years! (Too bad we won't find that out till October.) Overall, these letters were super positive! He's doing so great and adjusting well. I am so proud of him!


Brenda Joy said...
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Brenda Joy said...

Doesn't it make it so much easier knowing he is doing ok and isn't completely miserable??

Megan said...

congrats girl!