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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Movie Review: Brave

Meet Merida, Disney's newest princess.

On a scale from 1 to Tangled (10) I give it...
Family Friendliness: 3
Humor: 7.5
Scariness: 3
Good Ending: Tangled (10)
Overall: 8

What I liked about this movie: First off, it's Disney/PIXAR so it's automatically good. My favorite characters were Merida's little brothers. They were hilarious, adorable, and exactly what I imagine little brothers to be. I loved the interaction between them and Merida. Next, I really loved the relationship between Merida and her mother. It is a messy one, and they have to work together to fix it in a pretty bizarre turn of events. It was so relate-able. Merida is a strong-willed teenager who doesn't want to do what is expected of her by her mother. (Sound familiar, Mom?) Their spats and quarrels were incredibly believable and in true Disney fashion, totally heart-wrenching. I loved the witch. She was precious and her "answering machine" was pretty cute. I was also totally digging Merida's hair. Maybe it's the Ariel lover in me, but what I wouldn't give for a wild mess like that, I'm really not sure. One last thing, Emma Thompson is the voice of Elinor, Merida's mom, and anything with a Harry Potter cast member in it gives it an edge. Overall, the movie was definitely good. It's really hard to follow Tangled, but the movie ended well which is most important to me.
What I didn't like about it: It was really dark; in 2 ways. First, it was literally a dark screen. Much of the movie took place in a dark castle, at night, or in a dark forest. Lots of grays, blacks, browns, greens, and blues in this movie. I can't imagine watching it anywhere but in a dark movie theater. Not sure if I'll buy it; I won't be able to see it on my tv. Also, it was scary! (For kids that is.) I really feel like this movie was geared toward children. It was animated and it introduces the newest princess, however, I would not let a child under 10 see this movie. There are two scenes where a bear is attacking Merida and her mother and they are not for little eyes. I was a little nervous and I have the heart of a five 24 year old. 

If you want to see the trailer, check it out here.

*Keep in mind I am no movie expert and I don't even have the same taste as most movie goers these days. I need a good ending to make a movie worth my time and I'm especially fond of anything that will make me laugh or feel happy to be in love.

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