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Sunday, July 15, 2012

week 4

ZULU 186
Training Day: 21
Week: 4
Days Left: 32

Friday, July 13 Crockett's company participated in the graduation of a senior company, Uniform 186. That means only Victor, Whiskey, X Ray, & Yankee will graduate and then it will be Zulu's turn!! That's 4 more graduations, 4 more Fridays, only 4 more weeks! We're almost half way there and I've never been more excited. I honestly didn't feel like we'd ever make it this far. Time has passed so slowly. The past few days have gone by a little faster because my sister and nephew have been in town, but they are leaving tomorrow and I have a feeling time will slow down again. :/
On a more positive note, I got 2 letters on Friday and I have a feeling there will be one tomorrow!! :D

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